Been a little bit quite around here, hasn’t it?  With all the excitement/exhaustion involved in moving house, I missed July’s Garden Share Collective.  Although at some point soon, I’ll be finding time to visit the other gardeners who did make the deadline and see what’s happening in their gardens around the world.  Why not pour yourself a coffee, pull up a chair and join me in a bit of horticultural globe hopping?


Now that the move is done, something approximating to normality is starting to settle in again.  Normality in a new house and a new garden.  Would you like a wee look at the garden?  There’s plenty of scope for new projects and trying new ideas.

Grass and conifers

There’s a lot of grass… and a lot of conifers.  Some of each will stay, some of each will go to make, space for my favourites – nectar rich flowers and edibles.  This is the veggie patch at the moment –

Veggie patch

Check back next year for progress.  If nothing else, I should have cleaned the windows in the greenhouse by then.

Greenhouse glass

At the very end of the garden there’s a small orchard.  Apple, pear, plum and greengage trees.  Some are looking fine and healthy, others look like they’re struggling a little – these may well be moved to see how a new position suits them, and to make space for some of the plants we’ve brought with us to add to the orchard.  As soon as the old house was under offer, I potted up a couple of small cobnut trees, a damson tree, some raspberry canes and strawberry plants.  The chicken run is going to be ‘repurposed’ as a fruit cage to keep the blackbirds off the blueberries, redcurrants, raspberries, blackcurrants and strawberries… our remaining two hens have gone to live as part of a flock of free range hens and are a whole lot happier now.


A priority in the new garden is to find a space for my herbs.  Somewhere close to the house, sunny and well drained will be best for most of them.  I have a whole collection of pots with rosemary, thyme, chives, sage, sweet cicely, marjoram and mint all growing well and ready to be planted out… except perhaps the mint which will take over the garden if it manages to get its roots into open ground.

Over nine years my last garden had grown to reflect my style of gardening… messy and unorganised.  Not the kind of garden that everyone would be happy with, but it worked well for us.  In the new garden I’m hoping to create something a little more planned and less chaotic, but still bursting with flowers and providing fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs for the kitchen.

Bee on knautia

And speaking of the kitchen – here’s the biggest challenge of all at the new house…


That’s right, there’s no proper cooker.  Just an Aga.  I’ve tried cooking on an Aga once before in a house we rented for a year… they take some getting used to.  So far I’m not loving the whole Aga experience.  A quick tea the other night took three hours to cook because the oven temperature plummeted when I tried to use one of the rings to bring some potatoes to the boil.  The Aga may redeem itself when I get some time to try baking bread – that’s its final chance.  If the bread is anything short of perfect, you’ll soon be seeing an advert for a second hand Aga for sale on the blog…

Meantime, I hope you’re all keeping well.  I’m looking forward to getting around  to visiting all the blogs I’m missing soon… just a garage full of boxes still to unpack and we’ll be done.