The part time vegan

Not that there’s anything wrong with tofu.  It’s using tofu to replace the meat or cheese in a dish that I want to avoid in cooking up a vegan meal.  I became vegetarian back in the days when the veggie option (if there was one) was either a cheese omelette or a soggy half of a red pepper filled with rice.  Even the vegetarian cookbooks seemed to suggest that non-meat eaters were missing out.  There were recipes for vegetarian shepherd’s pie and meat-free meatloaf.  Wanting to eat well without using a ton of rehydrated veggie mince every day, I searched out ideas for dishes that were ‘naturally’ meat-free… no substitution required.  There were lots of pasta sauces and pizzas, refried beans and tortillas, and noodles flavoured with ginger and chilli.

This year I’m going to be exploring the wide world of vegan cooking, and taking the same approach to finding new recipes.  I’ll be posting my favourite recipes on the blog, and linking them to this page to build up a collection of ideas for vegan meals.


Berry crumble

Cherry & lime cake

Mexican oil dip

Onion & cider soup

Roasted squash bruschetta

Rocket & pine nut pizza

Spiced rhubarb slice

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