Hi, I’m Sarah – gardener, cook and writer here at The Garden Deli.

My garden has grown over time, from a few pots of herbs next to the back door to a quite big, weed-filled space with a herb garden, a vegetable plot and some fruit trees. But one thing has remained the same – it’s always been about growing delicious food for the kitchen and flowers for the house, while at the same time encouraging insects and birds into the garden.

The Garden Deli is a collection of thoughts, ideas and recipes inspired by my garden and the food I grow and cook. I’m trying to create a garden that will be my local greengrocer and delicatessen. A place where I can harvest fresh, seasonal ingredients – especially those that can be expensive or hard to buy.

When it’s too cold, wet or dark to be outside gardening, you’ll more often than not find me writing (usually about food and/or gardening).  I am a freelance writer and recipe developer and have worked with a range of publications and websites. If you’d like to find out more about working with me, please have a look at my website here.


28 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi – I found your blog via the foodie bugle. Seems like we have a little in common. Look forward to meeting up one day x

  2. Hi Urvashi, thanks for stopping by. I’d love to swap recipes and ideas with you some time – have been reading your blog and admiring the great photos.

  3. Lovely blog! Just found you via Foodie Bugle. Are you on Twitter too?

  4. A lovely idea, garden as greengrocers and deli. As someone who’s a better gardener than cook, I feel I don’t always make the best use of the things I grow – so I’ll be popping by for some inspiration!

  5. I enjoy reading your blog so much that I have nominated you for an award! Take a look here: http://wordsandherbs.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/inspiration-awards-and-stuff/

  6. Peter Berry said:

    Delighted that you are visiting Ampleforth orchards soon. Your Ampleforth Cider Fruit Cake recipe is now one of our tweets (@AmpleforthBeer) and deliciouslyorkshire are including it in their recipe section . It’s also been retweeted by others! Excellent.

  7. Lucky me find out your blog Sarah..
    You’ve got talent on photography!
    keep sharing and ispiring my friend,
    nice to know you then….

  8. Hi Sarah, Would love to invite you to our monthly blog hop about vegetable gardens. Take a peek – http://www.strayedtable.com/grow/garden-share/.

  9. Sarah -sorry, somehow I managed to ‘unfollow’ you through WordPress – not deliberate (I think messing around with my new phone and the app.) and did wonder where your posts had gone! Am now re-following, Tracey

  10. Hi Sarah, I gather that your garden is in the UK but you do not mention it directly. Can you tell me in what part of the world you live? I am in Victoria BC, Canada where our weather is very similar to the London area. I am focused on real food/slow food from Vancouver Island but I am keen to get tips and ideas from anywhere, I just need to know the location.


    • Hi Chris, my garden is in Yorkshire – a couple of hundred miles north of London. We visited Vancouver Island a few years ago, I even managed to get a look at the fantastic gardens at Sooke Harbour House. Do you have a blog?

  11. Hi Sarah,

    I have just discovered your blog and it’s wonderful…I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award –


    Looking forward to more of your posts..!

    Best wishes,

    Emma 🙂

    • Hi Emma, sorry I’ve taken so long to respond… your comment ended up in the spam folder somehow, and it’s obviously not spam! Thank you for the nomination. I don’t really do awards, but it’s very kind of you to think of my blog. I’m now going to make a coffee and head over to your blog for a good read…

  12. Hi Sarah,
    I have just stumbled upon your site, while looking for chick pea flowers for a class to use! Lovely ladybird too at the top! It is great to see what you are doing.
    Have you heard of the 2014 International Year of Family farming? You are clearly a family farmer.
    I am on a farm in Australia. I have set up a website to collect first hand accounts of different ways people family farm in the world. It looks to me like yours would be a great addition to the website. It is all volunteer, but you can put a link on to your website. As I have organised this website through the World Rural Forum to be an educational website, there is a particular format and set of information that I need.
    I hope you will visit http://familyfarms.enviroed4all.com.au/ , then download the pdf of guidelines on the Join us page and the other snapshots – and be the first to feature from England.

    • Hi Jeanie,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m not really a farmer… more something that falls between a gardener and a farmer, a grower maybe? I’ve had a quick look at your website – it looks great, with lots of information. We’re in the middle of half term holidays here – kids home from school and demanding attention. But as soon as I get a bit more time I’ll have a better look, and if I can join in that would be great.

  13. Hi Sarah

    I recently discovered your site and wanted to nominate you for the very inspiring blogger award http://wp.me/p4rpUx-4R.

    Thank you for sharing your blog with us all! 🙂


  14. Wow, your garden sounds idyllic and you must be so busy with all the writing on top of the garden work … I love fresh garden produce but am not much of a gardener (luckily I have a mother who is so I benefit from that 😉 although I’m currently trying to work my way through a freezer full of beans …)
    I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  15. Hi Sarah! I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m going to study it immediately! It seems so rich in precious suggestions for my garden and for my pupils. Our climate is a bit different: I live just outside Rome, not far from the sea and I have a small garden where I grow my flowers and vegetables. I found you looking for paper pots: how lucky I’ve been! Thank you!!!

    • Hi Daria, thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment. Your garden sounds wonderful. I’ve just been over to your website – your pictures are beautiful.

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