A collection of recipes that have been cooked and written about at The Garden Deli.


Chilli & herb bread

Cranberry & red onion bread

Czech Easter bread

Flatbread with apple, rosemary & Wensleydale

Leek & Manchego bread

Light rye bread with Ampleforth Abbey beer

Mixed seed loaf

Raisin buns

Red onion & thyme loaf

Rosemary focaccia

Rosemary sourdough

Sage & onion soda bread

Wensleydale & herb soda bread

White rolls with polenta

Cakes, cookies and scones

Ampleforth Abbey cider fruit cake

Apple crumble cookies

Basil & lime brownies

Blackberry cupcakes

Cheese & herb scones

Chocolate, chilli & pecan muffins

Cranberry & lemon cheesecake

Dark chocolate & paprika cookies

Fennel & raisin biscotti

Ginger & chilli blondies

Greengage jam tart

Honey & lime cookies

Lemon cake with cream & blueberries

Lemon & rosemary shortbread

Lemon verbena cupcakes

Parsnip & paprika scones

Raspberry & white chocolate muffins

Rhubarb & ginger cheesecake

Rhubarb & lemon scones

Rhubarb & orange polenta cake

Spiced green tomato cake

Spiced squash & orange cupcakes


Fruit salad with lime & mint syrup

Plum & lemon verbena compote

Syrup baked peaches with mascarpone

Ice cream

Elderberry & plum ice cream

Elderflower & lemon ice cream

Rhubarb & ginger ice cream

Jams and marmalades

Blackberry, pear & ginger jam

Cranberry, orange & thyme conserve

Fig jam

Ginger orange marmalade

Greengage jam

Shallot jam

Strawberry & basil jam


Pasta in a cream & green sauce

Warm pasta salad with courgette & herbs

Pies, tarts and pastries

Apple & smoked cheese pasties

Cheese, onion & herb tart

Feta & red onion filo parcels

Gluten-free pastry

Herby Yorkshire puddings

Potato & tarragon pie

Roasted grape tartlets

Sausage & onion tarts


Autumn pizza

Goat’s cheese & roasted vegetable pizza

Rocket & pine nut pizza


Black bean & avocado salad

Cucumber salad with tahini mayonnaise dressing

Sauces and dips

Coriander & crème fraiche dip

Green tomato salsa

Grilled tomato & peach salsa

Herb butter

Parsley pesto

Spring herb mayonnaise

Spring leaves pesto

Yoghurt & herb dip


Carrot & tarragon soup

Parsnip, chilli & lime soup

Sorrel soup

Summer garden soup

Tomato & rosemary soup


Baked beetroot with cream & parmesan

Couscous with Swiss chard and herbs

Creamy mushroom & herb crumbles

Nettles & beans

Spinach & cheese drop scones

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