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There are some plants that are just desperate to spread themselves as far and wide as possible, producing seed and scattering it all over the garden.  Most of them are weeds but, given that I’m fighting a losing battle with the dandelions, groundsel and chickweed, I’m going to ignore them for now.  Some plants are deliberately allowed to run to seed because they are just so beautiful, I want them to spread.  Like this marigold providing a splash of yellow across the garden – beautiful and edible.


And the purple poppy – probably my favourite self-seeder and a big hit with the hoverflies too.  I save some of the seed for baking with, some to sow next spring and leave the rest to sow itself.

Purple poppy flower

Coriander is another plant that just wants to flower and produce seed at the moment.  Ideally it would concentrate its energy on leaf production, but when the weather is warm and dry it just can’t help itself.

Putting a positive spin on it though – the unripe, green coriander seed has a fabulous flavour, and if you want to use it the best way to get hold of some is to grow your own.  This year there’s hasn’t been as much seed produced as usual (can I blame the weather for that too?), but this morning I picked enough to make a bowl of coriander and crème fraîche dip.

It’s so easy to make, and is fab scooped up with salty corn chips or as a dressing on a warm jacket potato.  There are probably 101 other things you could use it for – we had it with bean and herb flatbread wraps for lunch.

Flatbread wrap

Sometimes allowing plants to self seed has its advantages.  What are your favourite self-seeders?


Coriander & Crème Fraîche Dip

1 tbsp green coriander seed

3 heaped tbsp crème fraîche

a squeeze of lime juice

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Wash and gently crush the coriander seeds to release their flavour.  Put the seeds and the crème fraîche into a bowl, and stir to mix.  Add lime juice to taste and season with salt and pepper.  Use straight away, or chill until needed.