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The problem with my gardening obsession, is that every year I add more plants to the list of things I want to try growing.  Not a bad thing in itself – it’s always good to grow something new.  But these new plants need space, and the garden just doesn’t get any bigger.  So far there has always been a pot or a bit of ground to accommodate the plants on trial, but it’s only a matter of time… Luckily not all the new plants will be a success, there have been a fair few disasters – flowers that looked fabulous in the photos but were nothing like in real life, and veg plants which just couldn’t cope with the Yorkshire climate.   These plants can then be struck off the list – curiosity satisfied, leaving more space for something else next time.  Just as well really, because this year there are more new additions to the garden and greenhouse.

First up for trialling in 2013 are cucamelons.  I hadn’t even heard of this vegetable until I read about it in Homegrown Revolution, (you can read more about them here).  Promising to be easy to grow, I’m looking forward to trying the grape-sized fruit which should taste of cucumber and lime.  Any taste test is some time off yet though, because the plants are still very small and resenting the cool turn in the weather over the last week or so.  More of that warm June sunshine should encourage them along… at least I hope it does.


Also in the greenhouse, and doing pretty well so far, is the tomato variety ‘Tiny Tim’.  The plants are small, but that’s how they should be, healthy looking and with lots of flowers.  This variety was grown through the summer in Melbourne by Liz who blogs over at Suburban Tomato.  Inspired by her success with the plant, I found a UK seed supplier stocking this heritage variety (Seedaholic.com if you want to get some seed for yourself).  Fingers are definitely crossed for a good harvest of tasty cherry tomatoes from these neat little plants.

Tiny Tim

Next is something I’m wondering why I’ve never grown before – phacelia.  It’s a plant usually grown as a green manure and dug into the soil before flowering.  But with lovely, ferny leaves and pale purple flowers, phacelia is already earning its place in the cut flower patch just by looking pretty.  I’ve read that the flowers are good for cutting and brilliant for bees.  So far, I’m not sure about either of these, as I haven’t cut any and the bees seem much more interested in the knautia flowering nearby…


Finally, and I know here I’m running the risk of becoming a bee bore… but a quick update on the bee house.  Three of the tubes have now been capped with mud – and the fourth is nearly done.  Look, here’s the mother bee putting the finishing touches to her tube this morning –


And while I’ve been writing this, she’s been back to finish the job.

So, those are some of the new additions to The Garden Deli.  What’s new in your garden this summer – or indeed this winter if you’re reading this in the southern hemisphere?