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Is it too late to say ‘Happy New Year’? Nearly two weeks into January is maybe pushing it a bit, but there we are – hope 2015 has started, and continues, very well for you.


There have been very few blog posts here over the last few weeks. A combination of Christmas followed by days of constantly nagging one member of the family to revise for exams (nearly done on that one), have taken up a lot of time. Add into the mix a lack of ideas to inspire new posts, and there you have it… or don’t have it if it was a blog post you were looking for.


I’ve also been busy with making bread. The whole baking thing has grown beyond an obsession and become a (very, very) small business – a few loaves a week sold through our local deli. I’ve been testing recipes to find those that work best for me and my sourdough starter. After a lot of trial and error, I have a basic recipe that produces lovely, crusty, chewy bread. To accompany the basic white, brown and rye loaves, there is herby, salt-sprinkled focaccia and fougasse, rolls topped with poppy seeds, and a loaf made with locally milled wholemeal flour and studded with sunflower seeds. I’m loving being able to make lots of bread and, now that they’re not expected to eat every loaf I bake, the rest of the family are being very supportive.


Between baking sessions, the turn of the year has got me thinking about sorting out seeds for the new gardening season. It’s nearly time to pull the propagator from the back of the shed and start some pots of chilli seeds off. And it won’t be too long before the spring sowings begin… sweet peas, cornflowers, calendula and larkspur among them. With a bigger garden to play with this year, I’m going to be growing more flowers and hoping to attract more bees and butterflies than ever before. There’s a plan to try to establish a small area of meadow, and to dig new beds for cutflower annuals… it’s going to be a busy few months.


What plans do you have for your garden and kitchen this year?