I’m excited, honoured, and hugely nervous to be hosting this month’s Cheese, Please! blog challenge. It’s the first time The Garden Deli has been let loose with a blog challenge. But Jane from the brilliantly written blog Fromage Homage has trusted me with her cheesy challenge, so let’s see what we can do…


First up we need a theme. Over the past few weeks I’ve been watching trees full of fruit edge towards ripeness and pondering over what to do with it all. As a result, a theme of cheese n’ fruit springs to mind. Right now I’m looking for ideas to use apples, plums, pears and greengages. But don’t feel you need to limit yourself to these, or indeed just to autumn fruit… if you’re reading this in the southern hemisphere and have a glut of lemons on the tree why not share your recipe ideas. Or if you’re staring at a fruit bowl full of exotic fruit, get creative and join the challenge.

Starfruit and oranges

As this is my first time hosting a blog challenge, I definitely don’t want to discourage anyone from joining in with Cheese, Please! this month… but can I just nudge you away from that classic cheese and fruit pairing? You know, chunks of cheese and pineapple on a cocktail stick, or indeed, cheese and pineapple pizza – really, it’s for your own good. Saying that, I’m thinking that barbequed halloumi and pineapple kebabs may well be a hit. And of course any other combinations are welcome… mascarpone and mango, brie and berries, mozzarella and melon, gruyere and grapes – go for it. Please do go for it, I really don’t want to get to the end of the month and have to write a round up consisting only of recipes I’ve blogged. That would not only be boring, but make me look like a sad blogger with no friends… and no one wants that.

Paris cheeses

To join the Cheese, Please! challenge, all you need to do is write a blog post with a recipe using both cheese and fruit.  Add a link back to this post, and to Jane’s blog, and include the fabulous Cheese, Please! button –

 Fromage Homage

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Have a wee look at the Cheese, Please! rules here, just to check I’ve not forgotten to tell you something important. Then, once you’re all done and the recipe is posted, drop me an email (sarah.smith(at)thegardendeli.co.uk) so that I can add a link back to your blog at the bottom of this post. Oh, and if you tweet your blog post, mention #cheeseplease along with @gardendeli and @fromagehomage and I’ll retweet all that I see – I’m sure Jane will do the same.

You can add as many recipes as you like to the Cheese, Please! challenge – get them posted by the end of the month, so they can feature in a round up at the beginning of October.

I’m looking forward to seeing what cheese and fruit combinations you all come up with – good luck!

Cheesy n’ fruity entries so far:

Fresh fig and goat cheese tart with honey & thyme from Edibletcetera

Fresh figs grilled with goat cheese, honey & thyme from Edibletcetera

Apple & Wensleydale salad from The Garden Deli

Goats cheese and honey baked apple with balsamic and honey glazed prawns from Food Eat Love

Blue cheese mousse & balsamic baked pears from Flippenblog

Potato and pear galette with Roquefort from New Recipe Night

Cheddar and apple scone bread from Fromage Homage

Pear & cherry cake with ginger mascarpone from The Garden Deli

Chocolate cheesecake brownies and berry coulis from Words and Herbs

Apple, Cheddar and oat muffins from Food Daydreaming