Well, maybe not so much a bouquet as a small bunch of flowers picked fresh from the garden.


Spring is the time when a vase of freshly cut flowers becomes a regular fixture in the kitchen.  So much fresher, more fragrant and just generally nicer than a bunch of cellophane wrapped blooms from the shops.  This one is a bit of a mixture of colours – not very chic.  But very practical… everything in it is edible.  There are calendula flowers, sweet cicely, borage, alkanet, sweet rocket and chives.

Sweet rocket and chive

The foliage is, of course, edible too.  Rosemary, fennel and mint – all smelling really good as they are cut.

Calendula and fennel

Now the only question is whether to enjoy the flowers in the vase… or eat them?


Are you cutting flowers (edible or otherwise) from the garden at the moment?