There are a lot of ‘nearlies’ in the garden just now.  The aquilegia and alliums are nearly flowering…


And the sweet rocket and sweet peas are nearly ready for cutting…

Sweet pea

It’s nearly the end of May too – in a normal year it would be time to start thinking about where the courgette, squash and bean plants will be going once the risk of frost has passed.  Not sure if I’ll risk my still very small plants out in the open ground just yet, it would only take one hungry slug to finish off all my carefully raised plants.  Although, the plants aren’t really safe in the greenhouse either – I lost a lettuce and four sunflower seedlings to a slug in one night last week.

Sweet rocket

So far this year, harvests from the garden have been limited to the leafy herbs, a few lettuce and spinach leaves, and some rhubarb – oh, and lots of nettles.  There would have been some rocket to pick too, if the hens hadn’t got there first.  I’ve sown another row now and will try to take better care of it.


Today saw the first of the radishes harvested for tea – washed, trimmed and served with salt they were delicious.  You can’t go far wrong with radishes – easy and quick to grow.  The only thing to remember is to harvest them young, an old, woody radish is enough to put anyone off eating them.  I’m growing ‘French Breakfast’ for the first time this year (a free packet of seeds that came with a magazine).  Don’t know why I haven’t tried this variety before, picked young and fresh it’s very good.  So good in fact, I’ve sown more… way more than we really need.  Any suggestions for new and inspiring ways to serve radish?