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There’s been a long list of disasters in the veg plot so far this year.  The potato harvest has basically been rubbish.  Then there are the lettuces, beans and aubergine plants that have been demolished by slugs, and the beautiful strawberries that rotted away while they were still ripening on the plants…

Sweet peas

But just for now let’s focus on the successes.  The chillies are doing well and, with a bit of sunshine, may even ripen sometime soon.  There are lots of sweet peas for picking and putting in vases around the house – the scent is lovely.  And then there’s an old bread tray that I filled with compost and sowed with salad leaves and herbs.  So far at least, the slugs haven’t found this tray and I’m picking lots of fresh leaves for summer salads.

But the biggest success so far has to be the broad beans – lots of them, and tasting so much better than anything from the shops, this is what home-grown veg is all about.

Potatoes, Broad beans

This was yesterday’s harvest – a few potatoes, a handful of herbs and the last of the broad beans.  Together they made a fine tea – spicy broad bean burgers.  The burger recipe came from ‘Plenty’, one of my all time favourite cookbooks.  I flavoured the basic bean and potato mix with a spicy tomato paste made with tomato puree, ground spices, garlic, chilli, lime juice and oil.  Served with herbed cous cous they made a healthy meal, and no one asked for ketchup – always a sign that the flavour was good!

Broad bean burgers

How’s your veg plot doing this year, and what are you harvesting tea today?