The second of the square foot bed in the garden is finished and ready for planting.  It’s another 3’x3′ square bed, filled with a lovely topsoil and compost mix and divided into nine 1’x1′ (about 30cm) squares.  This one is going to be used for growing salads – we eat a lot of salad, so I reckon by growing the leaves at home they’ll be fresher and cheaper.  I’m starting off with lettuce, rocket and herbs, and moving on to more lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes when the weather gets warm enough.

Young lettuce plants

For once, I planned ahead and have some small lettuce plants, sown last month and grown on in the greenhouse.  Up until about a week ago, they were spending the days outside and retreating to the shelter of the greenhouse at night.  The return of the cold weather at the beginning of the week kept them tucked up under cover for a couple of days, but now the time has come for them to be planted out in the new salad plot, with a length of fleece at hand in case the nights get really cold.  There are three lettuce varieties – ‘Little Gem’ which is one I grow every year, ‘Black Seeded Simpson’ a new one for me, but comes well recommended, and ‘Red Iceberg’ which was a packet of seeds that came free from somewhere.

Square foot salad plot

To go with the lettuce, I’ve got parsley, mustard and Swiss chard plants, and some radish, spinach and rocket seeds for sowing directly into one square each.

If the rabbits that have started to visit the garden in the last week can be kept at bay, it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be sat in the warm sunshine with the first bowl of salad leaves picked from my square foot plot for lunch!