I love sweet peas and grow lots of them every year.  My favourites are the old-fashioned varieties with plenty of scent.  They earn their place in the garden by attracting bees and other insects, which pollinate the fruit and vegetables and help keep pests at bay.  And they’re welcome in the house, providing bunches and bunches of flowers all through the summer.



The first of this year’s seedlings are just appearing.  They were sown last month and kept in the greenhouse but showed no signs of germinating.  I brought them inside, worried that if they sat too long in cold compost they might just rot away.



A few days in the house and there are green shoots pushing up.  Once they get a bit bigger, they’ll be off to the greenhouse again to make sure they get enough light and not too much warmth.  Out in cooler conditions they should make sturdy plants ready to plant out in mid spring.

Then I just need to decide where to put them in the garden this year, and look forward to the first scented bunch of the summer.